Galapagos – Cruise Ship Isabela II

Characteristics: Motor Yacht Isabella II This 40-guest cruise ship, Isabela II, with 20 outside cabins plus an owner’s suite, is one of the most luxurious yacht cruising the Galapagos Islands, and offers an elegant, relaxed atmosphere for experiencing the full adventure of the Galapagos Islands. Its three public decks offer the amenities of a larger vessel, including bar-salon, dining room and sun deck. The library contains a large selection of reference books on Galapagos and… Continue reading »


Galapagos cruise ships are the largest ships in the archipelago with a capacity of up to 100 passengers. These ships have all the amenities you could possibly want for relaxing while cruising the enchanted islands. They are perfect for family trips as kids will never be bored while on these cruise ships. Additionally, all excursions are led by knowledgeable bilingual Galapagos guides. GALAPAGOS EXPLORER II CRUISE SHIP The Motor Vessel Galapagos Explorer II is a… Continue reading »